I apologise to anyone who may be offended, but I wrote this a while ago, it’s kinda unfinished, but I think it’s relevant.


My Mum, my Dad and Me, My Mum, my Dad and I,

We sat around the table, til with their eye they spy,

A story in the newspaper, disgusting, unforgiving and more,

A crime, a horror, the most awful way of settling score.

Despite all this it still exists,

The knifing of undeserving kids.

But what do they know, my Dad and Mum, Mum and Dad?

What do they know about being glad?

The don’t know, they wouldn’t care,

About the screaming figure who gave me a scare.

Because abnormal things don’t happen to this family,

No hooded figure. No sharpened Stanley.

Not that they know, of course,

About that man, no, boy, his voice still hoarse,

Not that they know, of course, 

About the teenagers who beg for remorse.

We have no trust for their unwise words,

The only avoidance is travelling in herds.

Keep your head down, no need to spar,

Because in this day and age, it will be no boxing scar.

Never give up on the person you love.

So I’ve rejected tumblr for a while but I’m about to turn into a psychopath.

So I’ve been with my boyfriend 8 months, I love him, a lot. He makes me incredibly happy and I honestly wouldn’t be myself without him, as cliche as that sounds. Nobody ever seems to care, but he does. He always cares about me, he refuses to stop for a second.

But the problem is, he’s moving away to uni this month. It’s not that far away, he’s off to Leicester which is about 2 hours away in car. But I don’t drive. And he isn’t taking his car, so that’s irrelevant. 

I’m a very “in the moment person”, anything beyond the foreseeable future scares me. But I’ve always thought we could make it work when he leaves; I still believe this. And this is what we’ve always said will happen; we’ll at least TRY to stay together and compromise. Because, to be quite honest, I’m selfish and don’t know how to let him go… Because I do truly love him, I was a awful person and a massive slaggy bitch before I met him. I don’t want to be like that anymore, I want cuddles on the sofa and someone to look after me.

There has never been another plan, we have both always said we’ll make it work. Through Skype, phone Calls and trains. So tonight, when he drops the bombshell that he thinks we should consider breaking up before he leaves.. I really don’t know how to react. But I’m going to fight, because I fight for the things I love. I’ll go out kicking and screaming if I have to.

I just want to tell him one thing, he’s not the only one who thought it… I don’t do what’s for the best, I go for whats going to make me happiest. And the past 8 months have been the happiest of my life. It’s doubtful we’ll spend our lives together, but the love I have for him deserves more than 8 months. It deserves some hard work, commitment and dedication. 

I want to tell him.. We CAN do this.

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